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The Department of Classics and Humanities offers interdisciplinary courses in language, literature, visual media, and culture.

Through the study of texts and contexts past and present, local and global, students engage with the diversity of historical narratives, lived experiences, and perspectives that comprise "the human experience" in and across various times and places.



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Da Quanisha "Day" Parks

Student Symposium Award Winner

Humanities major Da Quanisha “Day” Parks won a Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice research award for her presentation “#EnvironmentalJustice.Now” at this year’s SDSU Student Symposium.  Her faculty mentor was Professor Kishauna Soljour.  Congratulations Day!

The Title of the Presentation is: #EnvironmentalJustice.Now

A bit of context: This research and digital media project began in Kishauna Soljours fall course: HUM 580: Social Movement, Media and Justice. 

Abstract Excerpt: The dynamic relationship between social justice movements and social media has had a profound impact on society and political systems. My project #EnvironmentalJustice.Now recognizes the human right to clean air and water. It seeks to raise awareness of environmental injustices locally and nationally. Inspired by the Environmental Justice For All Act (first introduced to Congress March 18th, 2021), this proposed legislation provided a federal definition for environmental justice and engaged local instances of environmental racism. Historically, communities impacted by environmental racism have been excluded from political debates and policies that affect their daily lives. My research proposes that solutions must be transformative rather than reactionary.

I developed a social media campaign to promote initiatives, information and petitions advocating for environmental justice. Focusing specifically in San Diego, #Environmental Justice.Now examines the results of environmental racism in Barrio Logan. This community is cited by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as more at risk of respiratory illness due to diesel truck pollution. Yet, companies like companies like Mitsubishi Cement Corporation continue to appeal to build within the neighboring community. Using a mixed methods approach, this social media campaign supported the mission of the Environmental Health Coalition of San Diego by conducting an interview with a local resident and activist in support of the Environmental Justice For All Act, providing bi-weekly updates for the community and promoting offline engagement by attending and advertising in-person community engagements. To quantify the project’s impact, social media analytics were used to track engagement and test SMART goals. #Environmental Justice.Now exemplifies the role that social media can have as a model tool for social justice activism. 




Umanisti is a student organization open to all.  Its purpose is to promote the study and appreciation of the humanistic heritage. 

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Eta Sigma Phi

Eta Sigma Phi

Eta Sigma Phi is the national undergraduate Classics honorary society. Each fall qualified students of Greek and Latin are initiated into the SDSU chapter, Zeta Gamma.

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